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My first book for children was self-published in 2014 and I had enormous fun taking him into schools, libraries and fairs.  It's really lovely hearing children's reactions and I have been tickled pink by the e-mails and letters I have received. My favourites are from those lovely children who have used our workshops to try their hands at a bit of writing of their own.

I am in the process of re-working Zachary Mackerel and recording a brand new audio book.

Both the new e-book and audio will be available soon.

In the meantime if you would like to get hold of a signed and dedicated copy of the original book then head over to my shop!

Response to Zachary Mackerel.

Primary School teacher and author Kate Poels has written a fabulous and clever book destined to capture young readers’ imaginations.  This new, funny novel introduces us to Zachary Mackerel, a rude and grumpy genie who turns ten-year old Maisie’s life upside down!          Primary Times magazine.


It was the best book I've read, ever. It was exciting, funny, and heart warming, I would recommend this book to anyone who likes fiction. It is about a girl who finds a small bottle & there is a really mean genie inside, but when she uses the wishes bad things begin to happen. She must do something fast......I can't give any more of the story away because the ending of any book is the best part and if I gave that away nobody would bother reading it because there wouldn't be any suspense.           Shane. (10 year old book blogger)   



I think the book is very humorous; it made me laugh. I liked the character Zachary Mackerel because he is very funny and he helped Maisie.  He stopped Bumcheeks from bullying her.  I would give it 9/10.  I liked this book and would like there to be a sequel.          Leo. (16 year old book reviewer for Home Childcarer magazine)


Zachary Mackerel has swiftly become a firm favourite of my two godsons.  I'm sure it will become a household name.  It is in their household.          Mike Read (BBC Radio Berkshire)

I really liked you're book. It was fun,imaginative and lively.  I almost felt as if I was in the class with Maisie and Dhivya.  Joe and Bumcheeks were great characters to and the ending was AMAZING!  I read and read and even if I wanted to put the book down I couldn't ! It was just great. The best character though had to be Zachery Mackerel (Zak Mac)! My fave wish had to be when Bumcheeks started acting like a three year old.It was soooooooo funny!      Emily age 8. (Amazon review)


Fantastically funny read for children and adults alike! It certainly revolutionised our bedtimes as my husband and I both enjoyed reading it to our eight year old. Zachary mackerel will appeal to boys and girls alike, especially those who enjoy the David Walliams books. Great stocking filler. We look forward to the next book, well done Kate Poels!      Wazarthur. (Amazon review)


Inspiring writing by a real life author!      @Year6ORCS (Tweet)


I love your book Zachary Mackerel! :)      @bamlovr_13_11 (Tweet)


I have finished your book and absolutely loved it. Harry potter is my absolute favourite and Zachary Mackerel is as good as Harry Potter.  When are you writing the next one?        Ben aged 9.  (e-mail)


After hearing Zachary Mackerel the children (in Key Stage 2) now all want to be authors.  I think you have really inspired them.  Thank you.        Miss Carlisle, primary school teacher. (e-mail)


My daughter Agatha came home full of enthusiasm about your visit and has since been writing her own story.  Before your arrival she didn’t want me to get your book for her but having heard you read part of it to the class it is all she talks about and I have had to order a copy from Amazon.      Amanda, parent. (e-mail)


Thank you so much for coming in to help us open our new library.  The children thought your book was wonderful.  I have had requests all week for Zachary Mackerel, both library copies were borrowed within moments of opening the doors to the children.  The children who have been reading it have all been really incredibly excited about it.      Miss Dormer, primary school librarian. (e-mail)


Your new book looks very exciting.  When I showed the children in my class the front cover, they had lots of questions and we have had lots of fun reading the first half.  I look forward to the end of day story time as much as the children do as it is such a pleasure to read.      Emma, primary school teacher. (e-mail)


My son (8) absolutely loved this book and couldn't put it down. He has read it 3 times (last time I checked). So it's clearly an addictive and very good value read!         Amanda. (Amazon review)


I firmly instilled in my niece and nephew a love of Roald Dahl, so when my niece told me that I would love this book, I gave it a try. I loved it! The author manages to do what Dahl did so well, that is not patronise her reader. The tone of the book is written obviously with children in mind, but it does so without being childish. The story itself is funny, heart-warming and really captures the imagination. I would thoroughly recommend this book!   Ratty1101. (Amazon review)