Writers and Artists

Posted by kate Poels on Monday, June 8, 2015
Last Thursday was my birthday.  Usually for my gorgeous (but not always quite on the right track) husband that means raiding my card box and stopping off at Tesco on the way home from work for a box of chocolates.  This year though I took matters into my own hands and bought myself a day out on his behalf.  
And so it was that on Saturday I spent a very sunny time in the heart of British publishing, Bloomsbury.  The Writers and Artists' Yearbook is a volume that I buy religiously every year and then attack with my highlighter pens.  I knew W&A were good at this but I hadn't realised that they can also put on a pretty amazing lunch.
My visit to the iconic Bloomsbury Publishing House, birthplace of the Harry Potter phenomenon, began with a bit of good old-fashioned Earl Grey and networking.  I met some really lovely fellow would-love-to-be authors and had the chance to swap notes before being treated to fabulous words of wisdom from 4 of the top children's book agents.  After a yummy lunch and more chances to chat, I had my one-to-one with an agent who gave me some very good advice , and even asked to see my manuscript (tentative hooray!)
The lovely lovely thing for me was the fact that there were about 24 people in the room who all want what I want, representation by an agent.  Yet every time someone came out of their meeting we all hoped that it had gone well and shared in their excitement.  No competition, no bitchiness, just lovely people helping and encouraging each other.  
The more I see of the book industry the more truly nice people I am meeting and the more I want to cling on and try and climb up into the warm arms of Bloomsbury et al!