Wow, where did that month go?

Posted by kate Poels on Thursday, June 14, 2012

A moment ago I was welcoming May and the promise of summer , warmth and open doors.  Well May came and went and I had to get our winter coats back out and buy new umbrellas.  The beginning of June saw the Queen's jubilee and our street came out in force, shutting the road (legally I assure you) and planning a grand knees up.  My new friend Kajsa, whom I have been living a few doors away from for years but only met during the planning stages of the party, and I sewed over 300 metres of fabric bunting from hundreds of triangles that were cut out at a bunting making tea party.  There was a big bake off with some seriously impressive cakes that made me very glad I had not tried to compete.  Such a lot of preparing and planning and what did heaven throw at us for our efforts?  Rain, by the bucket load.  It started roughly 15 minutes before the start of the party, chucked it down consistently all afternoon and well into the evening.  Thanks for that!  Not just rain though, heavy icy cold drops that found their way into every gazebo that  we had put up, dripping on all the fabulous cakes and running down the backs of every outfit.  The face paints that another friend, Sharon and I had lovingly decked the faces of most children from our street with looked great for half an hour each before the Union Jacks, butterflies and monster faces smudged and ran off the chins.  But try as it might the ghastly British weather did not dampen our spirits.  Granted there was more tea drunk than wine which I had not expected but there was plenty of laughter to be heard and lots of fun as we met and enjoyed the company of our neighbours.  The children were all out late whizzing up and down the safe, shut road on bikes and scooters, the adults were donning extra layers and huddling beneath the gazebos (I began in a patriot red dress, white cardigan and blue necklace but ended the evening with an additional two rugby shirts, boots and a thick coat.)  It would have been nice to have seen the sun but in the end it didn't really matter as we turned our stiff British cheeks and let the weather join us in celebration.