Posted by kate Poels on Wednesday, September 3, 2014
I have a book....and it is really made from paper....with a lovely shiny cover....and my name is there, right there on the front cover!!  
It has been a very long process and has taken an immense amount of time and energy but I am thrilled with the end product.  Now the really hard job begins. The big promotion push.  I am useless at telling anyone other than my husband how great I am.  I am more of the; 'Read my book, but only if you want to, in fact I think you might prefer a good Jaqueline Wilson to be hones,'' sort of person.
Not for long though.  I am going to a rather wonderful friend who happens to be a life coach for a bit of inspirational pep talking. I am hoping that, when she's finished with me,  I'll be able to persuade everyone I meet to go and buy their copy of Zachary Mackerel and make him a household now. My biggest aim is to have at least one child dress in a purple sack for the next World Book Day. Wouldn't that be super?!