What Not To Wear.

Posted by kate Poels on Thursday, April 12, 2012
I am a mixed bag when it comes to clothing.  I profess to not caring what I wear but if that were totally true then I would surely not have such an over-stuffed wardrobe.  It is true that I don't spend ages choosing what to wear in the morning, nor for that matter in the evening but I do love shopping especially for a bargain and I am a terrible textile hoarder.  Put all of that together and I am pretty sure that I must look like a charity shop reject most days.  For example today I am wearing a pair of jeans that are quite funky (at least for a mother of two in her mid thirties) but they don't fit perfectly.  They were the only pair left but I loved them and they were in the sale and a blooming good bargain so I persuaded myself that they would stretch a bit on being worn and handed over my credit card.  This morning I was wearing a top that reminds me of Jackie O, that I bought in the same sale as the jeans.  In the shop when I tried it on I thought 'sixties glamour'.  At home my husband thinks it looks like a sack!  Regardless of how it might have looked it is now back in the cupboard and has been replaced with an ancient, orange striped jumper which was bought in the sale at Primark.  I know that I have stooped to super lows when my clothes are not just Primark but reduced because nobody else likes them.  But then when I wake up to sunshine and get dressed it is very handy having warm layers to bung on when April decides to turn to November over lunch and the temperature drops ten degrees and chucks hail at me.  I have to throw my hands up and confess that I haven't a clue when it comes to dressing myself once a day, let alone twice!