Very exciting news (well for me anyway)

Posted by kate Poels on Tuesday, April 29, 2014
I am getting used to hearing the big N.O from publishers and agents so it was very lovely to finally get a 'we love it hooray!' for a change. It's not the traditional route to paper publishingdom but there is now a chance that Zachary Mackerel will find his way onto bookshelves at some point this year.  
Before that happens I have got a lot of hard work to do as the publicity is mostly down to me. If I persuade 250 or more people that they are going to love my story enough to pre-order their very own copy then whoopee we all get to see it in print,  but there is always the chance that no one other than my absolutely biased mum and dad (who, by the way, love it completely and have already convinced themselves it will be the BBCs 2015 Christmas production) will buy it.  I have my fingers crossed and a whole lot of fliers ready to be printed so let's see what happens.  If you fancy helping me out then keep an eye on my website or blog nearer the end of May as this is when Zachary Mackerel and I will be live