Posted by kate Poels on Monday, March 12, 2012
So Twitter.  What do I make of you?  I think that in all honesty I might hate you, and yet I have found that my twitchy fingers can't help loggin on pretty much any time that I get my phone out.  It used to be checking my e-mails once or twice a day, but now its e-mails (on two different accounts), Facebook and Twitter.  That annoyingly addictive thing that I swore I would never get involved in and yet here I am twittering (although I have now learned that it is actually called tweeting) on a daily basis.  I get bothered by the level of rubbish that some people think is important enough to share, but I have also 'met' lots of lovely people and this is where the positive comes in.  I have met lots of other authors, some famous some not so famous, a brilliat guy who is training to climb a mountain in very very sub zero conditions to raise awareness and money for autism, an amazing mum who is trying to make some sort of sense of the death of her daughter by telling people about SMA the disorder that killed her.  I have been inspired and awed by the lengths that some people will go to for their causes.  So for this I thank you Twitter.  But for the countless links to crap and re-tweeting of the ridiculous I have to say that I still do not embrace you fully.  Maybe in time I will learn to understand you and maybe even like you.  I suspect that this will be more likely if the brilliant Sam Baker (editor in chief at Red magazine and fabulous author) does actually read and enjoy the book sample that I sent to her after a twittering, tweeting, very short hand conversationette.