To make up or not to make up??

Posted by kate Poels on Saturday, April 11, 2015
Whilst on my way up to Lincs yesterday for the children's book conference I had a text from nature (she too has updated and finds this easier than calling as she used to) which meant I had to find a service station.  Right by the entrance to the coffee shop that I hadn't intended to visit but I swear had some sort of alien trapping device set on max power pulling my flip flops and hence their owner towards it, was a make up selling team.  When I say team what I really mean is force of the devil.  I had no choice but to walk past them on my way in to top up my carbs, seeing as avoiding the coffee shop altogether clearly wasn't a choice thanks to the alien trapping device. Head bent in that 'don't talk to me I am not your target market and even if I was I don't want what you want to sell me,' sort of poise, I pushed on.
'Do you have a moment?' asked the stick thin, too young to be out without her parents, beautifully youthful skinned, Italian rep.  
What I should have said was 'No I am on my way to a very important meeting and I can't be late or else there's a real risk of ......well I can't actually tell you all the details as it is a case of national security but please move out of my way so I can get a move on.'
What I ended up saying was 'Um yes.'
'Can I ask you about your make up routine?' she said.
'I don't really wear much make up to be honest,' I fessed up hoping that she would realise I wasn't a likely buyer and let me head for the almond croissants.
'Yes, I can see,' was fired back at me with such a look of pity that I felt as though I must look a real needy unkempt sort.  Bingo, she had me,  I can away with a bag full of make up that I am sure I will never use and she came away with a handsome commission.
Kate 0 - Italian super seller 1