The big re-launch!

Posted by kate Poels on Tuesday, November 6, 2018
I have been so busy writing, editing with my old agent, finding a new agent (still playing the waiting game there!) and connecting with other writers that I have let my creative writing workshops slip.
Over the summer I was updating my website and I looked at the 'school visits' page wondering how relevant it still was having not down a visit in just over a year. 
And then it hit me....WHAM... on the back of the head at tremendous speed.  Why have I not been in schools - other than my teaching school - for so long? 

Talking to children about writing creatively and watching their imaginations spark and the enjoyment of their own stories grow is one of the best feelings in the world.  
And the follow up to school visits is also completely uplifting.  A letter from a child who enjoyed what I had to say.  An e-mail from a person who sat in a hall, joined in the session and then went off to write something they were so proud of they wanted to share with me.
Messages from teachers and librarians who have seen children who 'hate writing' ask to pick up a pen to finish the story they'd been working on.

I need that in my life again!

There is a plan.  I have been on some courses, learnt some stuff (not just about creative writing but also how to tackle this properly as a business) and I'm busy putting together a range of presentations to help me deliver interactive creative writing workshops in schools.

Headshots taken yesterday, Instagram account set up with writing hints and tips on the way, Lists of schools to approach and fliers at the printers.  This crazy book lady is ready to sail.....I just hope there are enough schools willing to come along for the journey with me.  I'll let you know.