Still waiting

Posted by kate Poels on Wednesday, September 13, 2017
Who said the world of publishing is slow?? Was it the snail or the sloth?  Having spent the last 6 years living and breathing the world of books I thought I had a pretty realistic grasp on the length of time it takes to get anything done.  I know how pressured everyone's time is, I know the phenomenally huge piles of work every agent and editor have.  Yet there is still a little (ok medium....fairly large if I'm honest) part of me that still nurses the bubble of impatience.
Jo and I went out on submission 3 months ago.....that's a lot of weeks to tick off on the calendar.  Out of 20 publishers queried only 8 have replied so far.  They were all 'no thank yous' (As you have guessed or else this post would have been entitled 'Yippee I had a 5 publisher auction and am delighted to say that I have a six figure advance on my debut book.')
However it does mean that 12 editors are still sitting with my story considering whether they can take the plunge with us.
Of course this is hugely exciting. It is something that I have waited for for a very long time.  So, I have to push the impatience away and wake up every morning reminding myself I am one step closer to the goal and I still moving forward.  
I am used to waiting, it's part of the game.  So I will leave my story's fate in the excellent hands of Jo and the publishers and crack on with the next project - with just one ear cocked for that phone call!