Spring is not to be.

Posted by kate Poels on Saturday, March 3, 2012

Alice was very forthcoming when I was writing book 1.  I had bags of motivation just thinking about the fact that I could publish it and get it seen.  I loved seeing her on the Kindle and knowing that people were reading about her nutty life.  Being me I got caught up in the whole thing and decided to try my luck with the agents.  Hearing the plop of rejection as replies fall through my letter box has been a big motivation killer and I am deflated after hearing ....not for us....not taking on anyone new.....won't look at what is already on Kindle....no...not this time...aaahhhh!!!!  The worst ones are actuallythe nice ones.  They excite to let you down with the final blow ....love your style, clever idea, fun characters, quirky writing ........but no. 
Still, having watched a programme last week about Jews trying to get out of Nazi occupied Europe sending letters to England begging to be let in to our country, I realised that there are far more important letters that ended up in the 'not a chance' pile than my book submissions.  I don't get heard and I don't end up with my books in paper print, they didn't get heard and ended up in concentration camps without their families.  Sobering.
I am so so lucky to be living in a safe home with a loving family and no real problems.  I also have a new positivity and the lust for writing has returned.
Trying to self publicise and take it further has stalled the progress but I am back on track and hope to have book 2 out in the summer.