Porsche v Volvo??

Posted by kate Poels on Thursday, December 15, 2011

What is the main difference between a Porsche driver and a Volvo driver??  Manners!  I was patiently waiting at a junction where two lanes of traffic merge to one today.  You know how it is supposed to go...one from the left, one from the right, and so on.  Well when it came to my turn to merge (by the way I love that word!) this idiot of a Porsche driver (who was fat, balding and old...so obviously the Porsche was a substitute) glared at me whilst gripping his steering wheel far too tightly and revving his engine as sone sort of threat for me to dare to go in front of him.  He credit carded the car in front of him, by which I mean that a credit card was about all that would have fit between the two cars.  Behind him was a bettered Volvo driven by a charming man who looked a little Father Christmas would if he had a shave.  He not only waved me through but threw a warming grin in for good measure.  Happy Christmas to you lovely Volvo man!! Look out for both of them in one of my future books!!