Pensioner Fury

Posted by kate Poels on Tuesday, February 21, 2012
I thought that pensioners were supposed to have lived through their wrath, used up all their aggression and come to a warm and fuzzy realisation that there is no point in getting worked up about things that really don't matter.  Stress can only encourage high blood pressure and speed their ticking clocks so I thought that most preferred to sit under crocheted rugs whilst they knit another for their neighbour.  In my experience people in the over eighty category are usually the ones most likely to return a stranger's smile or strike up a conversation with the person next to them on the bus.  Not the ones I have come across this week it would seem.
It all began in the carpark of the supermarket where I was getting utterly frustrated stuck behind a man who had thought the speed limit was only 10mph on the road leading to the car park and only about 3mph once we finally made it there.  He couldn't decide where he wanted to park, weaving all over the road, until he ended up off it all together stopping across 3 disabled spaces.  At last I could get past him.....but, it seems he changed his mind again and wanted the space on the other side making him swerve right out in front of me.  I didn't hit the horn because I was too busy performing an emergency stop and worrying about the crunch as eveyrthing that had been on the passenger seat was flung into the footwell.  I was cross and amazed, but the worst was still to come.  Scowling at me from the passenger seat was a tiny old lady, only just tall enough to see out of the window, gesticulating at me and hurling abuse that I was very glad I couldn't hear.  So venomous was her muted onslaught that I spent the whole of my shopping trip keeping my eyes peeled and ducking behind the veggie racks to avoid her and her husband. Old they may have been but I still think that if it came down to handbags at fifty paces I would definitely take second place. Luckily for me she didn't spot me until I had packed my shopping and just finished punching the pin code into the card machine.  I heard a shrill "Hey look. That's the girl who almost killed us Len"  and I knew what would happen next if I hung around, so I didn't.  I pushed my chin up, looked in the opposite direction and pushed my trolley out to my car (quickly!) 
How I had become the bad guy I still don't know but I am hoping that if I do come across her again that I have my 3 year old with me.  When it is me against a pensioner then I have to back off, those are the rules, but the rules also state that a toddler trumps an OAP and mine would definitely put on a good show if required, especially if prompted ever so subtley by me!