New ventures

Posted by kate Poels on Tuesday, March 1, 2016
Since my last post I have been spending rather a lot of time at my desk in the attic (which has luckily been converted into a bedroom for my smallest child with a tiny workroom as a bonus for me!)
I have finished my second book for mid grade children, aiming at an audience slightly older than Zachary Mackerel, around 9-12 years.
It is called Dog-Girl and tells the story of Lily Ritson, a twelve year old girl who discovers she not only has super powers but also the ability to morph into a border collie.  Things that come in very handy when her dad is kidnapped and the evil Canine Annihilation and Terrorism Squad (or C.A.T.S) begin a world threatening uprising.
I wrote this book primarily for my own Dog-Girl.  Her name is also Lily but she doesn't have the power to morph into dog form (as far as I am aware.)  She wanted a book with a strong girl at the heart of it and so the idea was born.
I have decided not to self publish this one for now as I really would love to become a bona fide agented and traditionally published author.....with more of a capital A than an apologetic lower case a.
And so I have edited, re-edited, edited a little bit more, put it away over Christmas, got it out in January and edited again and finally sent it off to my three favourite agents.  I would be delighted if any of them took the plunge and gave Dog-Girl and I a chance. 
I will let you know if there is good news to share.  Until then I will carry on going to the writers' courses and book conferences and start work on my next project....'The Almost Sometimes Perfect Life of Moogie.'