I'm on a list!

Posted by kate Poels on Saturday, May 12, 2018
One of the things I adore about being part of a fabulous writing community is sharing the successes of other writers.  I genuinely love spotting a friend's name on a long-list, or finding out someone I admire has won a competition.  One of my wonderful writing group friends was recently short listed for the Times Chicken House prize and when she told us all, our shrieks of delight made everyone else in the bar stop talking and look to see what the excitement was all about!
The other bonus of this supportive community is that when it's my turn I am overwhelmed with lovely comments and cheers for my little successes.
Yesterday I had a text from one of my crit group to tell me that I'd been shortlisted for the Winchester Writers' Festival funny book prize (in association with Stripes publishing.)  I was teaching all day so I couldn't check myself but just knowing I had made it onto a book list gave me a big smile and Year 5 were treated to a teacher in a very good Friday afternoon mood!  By the time I got home and could finally check my phone, Twitter was full of lovely comments, my Facebook critique group had all heard and sent kind messages and my fantastic local writing group, who regularly prop each other up and whom I am grateful for almost on a daily basis, were yelling from the rooftops! The best part is that Fiona, one of my writing partners, was also celebrating being shortlisted. (Luckily we are in different categories.)
Win or lose from here, it has already been a real boost in so many ways.