Happy New Year, lets make some resolutions

Posted by kate Poels on Wednesday, January 4, 2012
Well 2012 is here, the year of the Olympics in London, America will go through another election (and we will have months of watching the campaigning on the news), the Queen will have sat on the throne for sixty years - wow - and my youngest begins the road to needing me longer by starting pre-school.  What will I be doing?  Well I am keeping my fingers, toes and everything else crossed for some success in paper print.  Failing that I will be happy to just survive the year with no more grey hairs or wrinkles (I highly doubt it though.)  And for Alice?  As I am hoping to get the second and third installments of her series finished I am guessing more will happen to her than to most of us.  If you have read the first chapter of book 2 then you already know she gets married.  I can hint that there may be little feet in book 3, however the arrival will not be a smooth one (what else did you expect?)  If you have made resolutions then good luck in keeping them.