Happy New Year. Here's to 2015.

Posted by kate Poels on Tuesday, January 6, 2015
I enjoyed 2014 immensely so it is with a little sadness that I leave it behind me and step into the unknown 2015.  I can't get used to it, this morning I signed a cheque for my daughter's school and put 2014 at the top.  But 2015 it is and 2015 it will be until I am used to signing the correct date and then 2016 will sneak up and bite me.
So, as its here, I am going to embrace the fresh start and hope that it is a jolly good one for everyone who is reading this.  For me I am hoping for family health and happiness.... oh and that my dog will learn to come back EVERY time I call her and not just when she fancies it.  For you I hope for all the things you hope for yourself. Unless of course they are not wholly nice or appropriate in which case I must wish that instead you get what you deserve!!  
So here's to a making 2015 as good as we can.