Guess who's back......

Posted by kate Poels on Saturday, August 31, 2013

Well, it has been a while hasn't it.  I have had a very busy year and somehow it has disappeared without much going on here on the website.  I am really sorry about that, and in advance I am sorry if it takes a further few months before the next posting.  I have a new attic with a bedroom for my tiniest daughter and a little extra space that I have claimed as my workroom. It is in need of the special touches which has given me a super project. I am in the process of learning to stain glass when I should be making curtains and rolling out the gloss paint brushes.  I have also been buying a pile of old furniture to paint up. I believe it is called up-cycle these days but I'll stick with good old-fashioned refurb if that's okay.  I have also learned that 'shabby chic' is a current phenomenon which just means 'I couldn't be arsed to finish it properly so I'll leave rough edges and poor paint finish, call it distressed and bung it on ebay as shabby chic.'  Nope, nothing chic about that, just tatty and in need of a blooming good refurb!
Writing wise, I have put Alice to one side for the moment and have tried my hand at writing for a younger audience.  My new book, 'Zachary Mackerel, Meanie in a Bottle,' is trying its luck with the agents at the moment.  If nobody has a space on their list for it then I will be putting it out on the Kindle at some point in the future.  In the meantime I am writing my first ghost story and having a blast doing so.  Hopefully my beautiful new attic room with desk overlooking the garden and lit stained glass panel on the wall next to me will be ready soon and I can sit in my haven penning a best seller, or at least find the inspiration that I need to an agent interested.