Final push on the edits

Posted by kate Poels on Thursday, May 18, 2017
Since signing with the rather lovely Jo Moult I have been revisiting The Boy From The Cellar which has been lovely as it feels like seeing old friends again after a bit of a break.
Jo has made some suggestions which have all made the book a better beast.  We are now almost ready for it to be fledged and find it's way in the publishing world.  Then it will be fingers crossed all over again that one of the publishers who reads it thinks it is worth taking.
I am going to have to fill the next round of waiting time with something. Luckily that is not a problem at all, the problem is choosing which project to dust off and give some thought to.  I have another book for a 10+ reader that would sit quite well with The Boy From the Cellar so I think that is the one I will bury myself in.  Let's hope 2017 carries on being my lucky writing far it has been fab!!