Posted by kate Poels on Tuesday, June 2, 2015
WARNING; vaguely slushy mushy blog post about preciousness of family.
You were warned, so if you are still reading then I have to assume the odd bit of smush doesn't bother you too much.
Whenever I give talks to schools about writing stories I always begin by asking the children to consider purpose. (If you are at Birch Copse Primary then you have until Tuesday to come up with some really good answers!) Part of the purpose of story writing has to be to entertain an audience, so for that you must think about who that audience is.  

For me, sometimes the audience is a general group, gender specific perhaps, age related almost certainly, background might play a part.  Other times though very specific people can impact hugely on the book I choose to write.
I have currently put all my other projects to one side in order to concentrate on a set of stories for two very wonderful individuals in my life.  My amazing grandparents, both well into their nineties, have just had to move from their idyllic, horrifically rural and secluded, Devonshire home.  For the sake of keeping them safe they went first into a care home and now have moved into a little bungalow.
I cannot visit them often as they now live a good 4 hour drive away from me.  Conversation is tricky and tiring for them so I decided to write instead.  There is only so much waffle that I can include in letters about my children and my life so I offer them the only other thing I can do.  I write them stories.  Stories about Granny Pegg and Pappie, two adorable elderly but very capable people who accidentally go around saving the day.  
You see family is important to me.  My children are my world, so I am always making stories up for them about new worlds. My husband is my lobster (you will only understand this if you remember Phoebe from Friends and her glorious explanations!) My parents are the lynch pins to my very existence.  My brothers are like the other peas that fell from my pod, nobody understands me more than them as nobody else shares my genetic scaffolding in this way.  And my grandparents (living and dead) are the magicians in my life.  
I have been lucky as between that motley bunch, I have plenty of purpose to write, and plenty of inspiration to write about.