Change of plan.

Posted by kate Poels on Tuesday, May 20, 2014
I try to make my mind up and stick to a plan without being too fickle but in this instance I have u-turned completely due to a rather lovely change of circumstances.  I have been really lucky to find someone who believes in Zachary Mackerel enough to fund his publication without any pre-orders, so this is the path that Zac and I are now treading.
It is both hugely exciting and a tiny bit scary to think that I will finally have my name on the front cover of a real paper paged book.  I am now in the heady world of working with a super bunch of people, copy editor, cover designer, printers, publisher (I believe there are 11 of us in all) to put the book together and onto the shelves.
It is looking as though it will be available from all good book shops (hurrah!!) at the end of July. Just in time for a spiffing good summer holiday read!