Broken arm

Posted by kate Poels on Sunday, March 15, 2015
Just as I need to be firing on all cylinders I go and trip over in the school playground and break my elbow.  Who knew elbows were so important for so many things? I knew I needed two hands to do some things but I was glibly unaware of exactly how much.  For the last week and a half I have been as useless as a lawnmower made from jelly.  I can't cut up my own food or brush my own hair and my wonderful Mum had to come and stay just so that my family could eat more than just scampi and chips.
The day after I fell I was booked in for two school author talks.  A sensible person would have called and cancelled, or postponed at least.  But then I am very rarely sensible.  So, tanked up on a rather fruity concoction of pain killers, I went and spoke.  I only hope I didn't say or do anything that I wouldn't approve of!
One of the worst things for me is that I can't use the computer to write. I know....complete first world problem....but it still bothers me.  At least I have my wrist twist returning so I can hopefully get back to Zachary Mackerel's next shenanigans this week.