Book Launches

Posted by kate Poels on Tuesday, March 27, 2018
The thing with book launches is that, before I go, I am always filled with utter joy and excitement at the birth of another children's book as well as being pleased as punch for a friend who has made it to the bookshelves.  Some of these books will go on to win prizes, huge critical acclaim and top best-sellers' lists everywhere whilst others bumble along well enough without making particular waves.  Whatever the end result, every book that makes it to the shelf has already jumped over so many hurdles to get there and been on such a journey that each one deserves a huge congratulations and buckets of my admiration.
You see, what many people removed from the industry don't realise is the years of work that goes into that book.  The struggle to get an agent and then the waiting and gamble as the precious manuscript gets sent out to publishers who may or may not think it is the very thing they want.  Even finding a commissioning editor willing to champion the book isn't the end of the process.  It then has to go through the acquisitions team and, if taken, there is more waiting as it goes through the editing process and takes its turn in the publishing list (which can take many months or even years!)
So when that book finally makes it as a fully fledged pack of pages there is more to celebrate than the book itself.  There is the trail of sweat, tears, patience, tenacity, belief, doubt and pendulum emotions that have all gone into that publication. 
This evening I am going to the launch of a friend's third book and I will cheer loudly and applaud her impressive achievements.  She has won awards and been on countless shortlists so there will be a real buzz, and justly so.  But next month I am going to a much quieter launch of a book from an author who has been through an equally impressive journey but made less of a splash.  I will party just as hard for her and hope with all my soul that she is equally as proud of her own journey and fantastic books.  The launch is there to celebrate all angles of the achievement in my eyes.
And that is why I love celebrating book launches.  That and the glass of wine, cake and a roomful of some of my favourite booky people in the world!!