Book Buddy

Posted by kate Poels on Tuesday, March 13, 2018
A lovely fellow children's writer and booky friend of mine, the delectable Maz Evans, spotted a problem when she was visiting schools to give author talks.  Simply put she noticed that there is a huge hole in the budget for libraries, school librarians and books.  BOOKS!  Surely the building blocks that every school should be amply equipped with.  But no, Maz found teachers dipping into their own purses to buy books for their classes and libraries sourced mainly from charity shops and donations.

This is not a new revelation, indeed it is something that is often talked about.  But award winning writer and all round good egg aMAZing Evans decided that talking about the problem wasn't really going to fix it. So she set up a brilliant initiative to put schools and people with books together.  Schools in need of a literary injection can sign up to the scheme and people with books to spare can make contact and help fill their shelves and libraries.

I found a primary school a few miles away from me on the Book Buddy website.   it had been posted by a year 6 teacher wanting to give her children something more than David Walliams, Roald Dahl and the Famous Five.  
So along I went this morning, armed with a lovely big pile of books suitable for this age group.  Books by Robin Stevens, Cathy Cassidy, Tamsin Cooke and loads of other authors that the children are ready to become fans of.  I spent a happy time talking to the children about their favourite books and being shown a fantastic display of 100 covers.  100 books to read before you leave primary school.  What a fantastic idea!  It was lovely to see a mixture of classics and new titles and the brilliant Miss Tisi is obviously a great advocate of children's books.  The school is lucky to have her.
The children were so excited to see what new books they could add to their class collection and it was just as it should be.  A classroom filled with eager faces and shiny new children's books.  There is no ground breaking news in linking those two things together and, in a world that seems to be forgetting the importance of reading for fun and teaching our children that books can be a gateway and a lifeline, it was brilliant to see that there are still people out there willing to make it happen.

Thank you Miss Tisi and thank you Maz!

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