Blog Gremlins

Posted by kate Poels on Friday, April 18, 2014
For some reason my blog has been attacked by cyber gremlins.  I have been trying to post here all week with no luck. Lots of messages telling me that the the web page couldn't be found.....even though the message was typed in the text box on the very page it couldn't find.  The most I managed, as you can see, was a title with nothing else to follow.
I have taken all pocket money rights away from the computer for such teenaged pranks (it is now 4 1/2 years old which I think is late puberty for technology these days.)  It has been grounded and now sulks in its room all day whilst I have discovered that I don't have the same issues with its younger sibling the I-pad (yet!)
So here at last is a post, colourless and in a boring font as the I-pad hasn't yet learned to change these, or at least isn't ready to show me yet. More nurturing needed I think.
All I wanted to tell you was that I have caught up with my life again and so will be updating the blog on a more regular  basis. A book and a half further along than my last post (see, I haven't been idle,) so plenty to tell you but too much for a single post.  If you are keen to know more then take a look at my updated website page 'new projects' until the next post.