Agent whirlwind

Posted by kate Poels on Monday, October 19, 2015
You may have thought that I have been sitting at home twiddling my thumbs over the summer as my last blog post was back in June. Not so!! 
I have been busy meeting people left, right and centre in the hope of securing an agent to help take me to a main stream publisher.
I have found that agents are actually, on the whole, rather lovely.  When I submitted my adult stories to agents I sent cold submissions and my postbox was flooded with standard, two line rejection letters....thank you for your submission....blah blah.....not for us..... very subjective....wish you luck...etc.  This made me think that agents must be people sitting in ivory towers judging us poor authors harshly whilst they twirl around in glamorous literary sets lapping champagne and hob-nobbing with the great and goods.
This year I have been lucky enough (and tenacious enough) to meet a lot of agents and I have only met one I didn't like.  I won't give you a name but I will tell you that we had a one to one session which I had paid for as part of a festival and when we were talking about Zac Mac it became apparent that she was talking about somebody else's book.  Instead of putting her hands up and apologising she fluffed over the whole thing, the bell rang and that was my session over.  Money and opportunity down the drain,  
One bad egg, and yet I have met lots of others who are charming, lovely, generous people.  And guess what?  They genuinely want to love my writing as that is what makes then tick, finding new talent.
Lots of agents I have spoken to have come back with advice on improvements and I have put it all together to re-write Zac Mac.  The first three new and improved chapters are currently sitting with the six agents I think I would most like to work with (of which I have met five so that's not bad going!) as well as the lovely people at Nosy Crow, a children's publishing house whom I visited for a masterclass in children's writing.
I feel hopeful about my writing future.  Hopeful that one of those people will say 'Yippee, I love Zachary Mackerel, I love Kate Poels and I want them both.' But if not then I am hopeful because I am a better writer now and I think my new book (a Lassie meets Wonderwoman story.......) can only benefit from my literary injection.