Agent hunt - and it isn't pretty!

Posted by kate Poels on Sunday, January 15, 2012

Every evening this week I have been very busy going on the hunt.  I didn't need a shot gun and a beater (although the hip flask was useful) and neither have I joined the ranks of Edward and Bella Cullen (If you are not acquainted with the world of the Twilight Saga then you will have to Google to find out why they hunt in the evenings.)  My hunt has been for someone to help me see my books on the bookshelves of every house in the English speaking world.  Actually I'd be quite happy with enough copies for my family and friends to bring me in an orderly line at my breakfast bar to duly sign for them to stick in a dark cupboard.  As long as they bring it out to put on their coffee tables when I go to visit.
My poor printer has joined a union and is threatening strike action if I don't cut down it's working hours.  It has managed to spit out twenty copies of my 'please take a chance on me' pack to send to a group of over solicited agents and publishers in the hope that just one will like it a little bit more than all the others that they have to plough through.  So please keep your fingers crossed that 2012 is the year of Alice's paper publication.
Now I have just put the last pack in its envelope and stuck on the final row of exceptioanlly pricey stamps to send it on its merry way so, as it is Sunday evening, I am going to pour a sneaky amerretto (never judge anyone on their favourite tipple) and wait for Sherlock to come on BBC1.